What You Need To Know About Thunder Beast Arms Suppressors! Come Visit Us At New Location!

Welcome to our blog post where we share what you need to know about Thunder Beast Arms suppressors! We are excited to announce that we have moved to a new location. Come visit us and discover the exceptional range of suppressors available. Our team is here to provide you with all the information and guidance you need. Let’s dive into the world of Thunder Beast Arms suppressors and explore how they can enhance your shooting experience.

What You Need To Know About Thunder Beast Arms Suppressors! Come Visit Us At New Location!


Welcome to Paramount Tactical Solutions! We are excited to provide you with comprehensive information about Thunder Beast Arms Suppressors. As a trusted authority in firearms, tactics, security, and tactical medicine, we aim to equip you with the knowledge you need to make informed decisions about your shooting gear.

As part of our commitment to providing the best service to our clients, we have opened a new location for our Paramount Tactical Pro Shop. Situated on our training facility, our Pro Shop offers a wide range of high-quality products to enhance your shooting experience. You can find Thunder Beast Arms Suppressors, shooting tripods, bipods, and other essential gear. We invite you to visit us and check out our selection firsthand.

Heading 1: Thunder Beast Arms Suppressors – Enhancing Your Shooting Experience

First and foremost, let’s delve into the world of Thunder Beast Arms Suppressors. Our collection includes various models, each designed to improve your shooting precision and overall experience. We offer suppressors that cater specifically to long-range shooting, where reduction in noise and recoil plays a crucial role.

  1. Thunder Beast Arms Ultra Nine: The Best for Long-Range Shooting

Among our suppressor options, the Thunder Beast Arms Ultra Nine stands out as the ideal choice for long-range shooting enthusiasts. Its impeccable sound attenuation ensures minimal disruption while maintaining accuracy. The Ultra Nine’s lightweight design also minimizes the impact on barrel harmonics, allowing for consistent, precise shots.

  1. Significant Sound Attenuation Difference

It’s important to note that the sound attenuation capabilities of our suppressor models differ significantly. Depending on your shooting requirements, we can guide you in choosing the most suitable option. Whether you prioritize noise reduction, recoil control, or a balance between the two, we have a suppressor to match your needs.

Heading 2: Paramount Tactical Pro Shop – Your One-Stop Shooting Gear Destination

Sub-heading: Visit Our New Location and Explore the Best in Shooting Gear

We are thrilled to announce the opening of our Paramount Tactical Pro Shop. Located within our training facility, our Pro Shop offers a wide selection of top-quality shooting gear. From Thunder Beast Arms Suppressors to shooting tripods and bipods, we have everything you need for a successful shooting experience.

Sub-heading: Paramount Tactical Subscriber Discounts

Subscribe to our channel and stay up-to-date on the latest shooting gear. As a token of our appreciation, subscribers receive exclusive discounts on most items available on our website. To enjoy these savings, simply use the discount code “liberty1776” during your purchase.

Heading 3: Full Review – MPA PMR Pro II – The Ultimate Long-Range Rifle

The MPA PMR Pro II has become a game-changer in the realm of long-range shooting rifles. Delivering exceptional accuracy and affordability, it has been recognized as the best long-range rifle under $2500. We encourage you to read our comprehensive review to learn more about its features, performance, and why it should be a part of your shooting arsenal.

Heading 4: Explore Our Premium Shooting Tripods – Fat Boy Tripods

To take your shooting experience to new heights, we have rigorously tested and handpicked the best shooting tripods on the market. Among them, the Fat Boy Tripods stand out for their superior stability, durability, and versatility. Whether you are a professional shooter or an avid enthusiast, these tripods will exceed your expectations.

Heading 5: Discover the Best Bipods for Long-Range Shooting

Bipods are an essential accessory for long-range shooting, providing stability and adjustability in various shooting positions. At Paramount Tactical Solutions, we have curated a selection of the finest bipods on the market. Each bipod has been tested for durability and functionality, ensuring optimal performance during your shooting sessions.

Heading 6: Recommended Long-Range Shooting Gear

To complement your Thunder Beast Arms Suppressors, we have handpicked a range of top-quality long-range shooting gear. From scopes and rangefinders to precision ammunition, our recommendations will enhance your shooting experience and improve your accuracy.


Paramount Tactical Solutions is dedicated to providing you with the best shooting gear and resources to optimize your performance. Our new Paramount Tactical Pro Shop, located on our training facility, offers Thunder Beast Arms Suppressors, shooting tripods, bipods, and more. Visit us for an exceptional shopping experience and expert advice from our knowledgeable staff.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. Can I test out the gear before making a purchase?
    Yes, you can test out the gear, including the Fat Boy tripod, at our store location before making a purchase.

  2. Where can I find Thunder Beast Arms Mufflers?
    Thunder Beast Arms Mufflers can be found on our website, or you can visit our Pro Shop on our training facility.

  3. Do you provide onsite training?
    Yes, we provide onsite training in addition to our courses located near Winchester, VA.

  4. Are MPA rifles available for purchase at the store location?
    MPA rifles are not available for sale at our store location, but transfers can be arranged.

  5. Where can I find your store location?
    Our store location is at 135 Motorsports Park Circle, Summit Point, West Virginia, 25446. Feel free to drop by and explore our gear in person.

Rest assured, our team at Paramount Tactical Solutions strives to deliver top-notch service, quality products, and expert guidance to ensure your shooting journey is a successful and enjoyable one. Stay connected with us through our Free Newsletter, social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, and contact us for more information and upcoming courses.

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